Ability to Pay

Applicants must prove their ability to afford the monthly mortgage and household expenses as described below.

Income — Habitat requires steady income history for the last two years in the United States and must provide 12 months of proof of income from all sources. Self-employed individuals must have at least two full year’s tax filing showing self-employment income. See the chart below for general income guidelines.  The income guidelines are subject to change, and having income within these guidelines does not guarantee eligibility.

2016 Income Minimum/Maximum Requirements – Pope County AR

Number of






1 $10,170 $24,990
2 $12,240 $28,560
3 $13,770 $32,130
4 $15,300 $35,700
5 $16,530 $38,570
6 $17,760 $41,440
7 $18,990 $44,310
8 $20,220 $47,180

*Between 30% and 70% of Pope County’s HUD Average Median Income for 2016 

Credit — HFHPCA will consider and review your history of payments on rent, utilities, consumer credit, and other expenses. Additionally, the amount of monthly loan payments, including estimates for deferred student loans, is considered. Bankruptcies must have been discharged or dismissed for two years for Chapter 13 and three years for Chapter 7.