Need For Adequate Housing

Applicants should have a housing need such as living in overcrowded conditions or unsafe environments, having high housing costs, or being unable to qualify for a traditional home loan. If qualified financially, applicants will receive a home visit to further evaluate their housing need. HFHPCA serves those living in Pope County, Arkansas. For Habitat affiliates in other areas, visit

Examples of Need for Adequate Housing

The applicant’s gross annual income is not less than 30% or more than 70% of the median income for Pope County, Arkansas AND at least one of the following need-related factors must also be true:

  • Spending more than 35% or more of their income for housing and does not have the down payment for a home;
  • Not currently cost-burdened as defined above only because they are receiving temporary, non-sustainable financial support;
  • Likely not qualify for conventional or government-assisted mortgage loan.
  • Currently lives in an unsuitable neighborhood (unsafe or unsanitary).
  • Currently lives in government-subsidized housing (e.g., housing authority or Section 8 housing).
  • Current housing has defective physical conditions, for example:
  • Inoperable kitchen or bathroom
  • Little or no insulation
  • Broken or missing windows
  • Lack of functioning entrance and exit points — back and front doors,
  • Inadequate electrical system, plumbing or lack of an indoor bathroom
  • Structural problems (leaky roof, unsafe flooring, etc.)
  • Unsafe heating system or no formal heating system
  • Unhealthy conditions, including, but not limited to, mold or pest infestation
  • Current housing is overcrowded according to the Bedroom Guidelines above and/or there is less than 300 square feet per person or some combination of those.
  • The applicant is living in temporary housing such as: tentative living arrangement with relatives or friends, transitional housing facility or motel, living in housing that is being condemned, sold or moved, living in a FEMA trailer,  losing a lease, certificate or voucher due to uncontrollable circumstances or living in a car, tent or similar “quasi-homeless” situation.